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Disability Discrimination Attorney in San Diego

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act confer protections in the workplace upon the disabled to ensure that those with mental or physical disabilities are not treated differently by potential or current employers.

Failure to comply with the provisions set forth under the law may result in legal action to compensate disabled employees who have been harassed or discriminated against in the workplace.

Disability is very broadly defined under the law as any condition which causes a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one’s ability to perform major life activities. Disabilities which may invoke protections include but are not limited to the following:  

 In order to bring a viable cause of action based on Disability Discrimination, it must be demonstrated that the employee faced continuous, ongoing harassment or discrimination in the workplace. A single statement is not enough – the conduct must be egregious and it must be based on the employee’s disability.

Disability Accommodation Representation

It is generally illegal for employers to fail to accommodate persons with disabilities or to harass them or discriminate against them for requesting reasonable accommodations which would allow the employee to carry out their job duties, while providing time off for healthcare appointments.

Accommodation of disabilities is a complex issue and the laws as written by the legislature are rather vague.   Therefore, the exact nature of the law is being constantly altered by the interpretive decisions of the courts.  Many factors enter into the question of whether and to what extent a disability has to be accommodated.

First the employer has to be subject to the law. Employers with only a handful of employees are not generally required to offer accommodation.

Next, the employee has to be “disabled.” Minor illnesses and injuries do not qualify as disabilities. The longer and more serious the medical problem, the more likely it is to qualify as a disability.

Then accommodation has to be possible. The disability can’t be so severe that the employee cannot perform his or her duties (or the duties of an open alternative job) even with the accommodation.  Employers are not required to keep employees on the payroll if they can’t work at all.  An accommodation is supposed to be something that allows the employee to actually perform his or her job duties. 

Also, the requested accommodation has to be “reasonable.”  What is reasonable for one employer might be unreasonable for another.  Consider costs.  A multi-billion dollar corporation can reasonably afford an expensive accommodation that a “mom and pop” retail shop cannot. 

Due to the inherent complexities posed by accommodation cases, it is crucial that you retain an Employment Attorney who possesses an in-depth understanding of accommodation law, and keeps up with the most recent case law on the matter.

At the Jackson Law Firm, our lawyers are aggressive legal advocates who understand these complexities and read all of the current laws to best represent our clients’ interests.

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