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San Diego Employment Attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm have more than 40 years’ experience successfully representing plaintiff employees in both State and Federal court actions, as well as before various government agencies which handle Employment Law disputes.

Exclusively dedicated to the representation of employees, our highly respected and knowledgeable San Diego Employment Lawyers provide the highest level of personal attention to each and every client. All client communications will be addressed in a timely manner, and our caring attorneys strive to ensure that you will always be kept informed regarding the status of your case, as well as any new developments which may arise.

If you are presently involved in an Employment Law dispute with your Employer, whether a small mom and pop business, a large corporation, or a government agency, or believe that you are about to be terminated, please contact one of San Diego’s leading Employment Attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm by calling (858) 552-4900 for a free telephone consultation.

Employment Law Areas of Practice in San Diego

The Jackson Law Firm, conveniently located in Sorrento Valley and providing zealous legal representation to plaintiff employees throughout all of San Diego County, offers skilled legal counsel in the following areas of practice:

Disability Discrimination Discrimination based on physical or mental disability.

Employee Misclassification – Misclassification of wage earners to salaried employees.

Employment Discrimination – Discrimination based on age, race, national origin, gender, orientation, or membership in any other protected class.

Failure to Comply with Reasonable Accommodation Requests – An employer’s unreasonable refusal to comply with a reasonable accommodation request which would allow disabled employees to carry out their job related duties, while obtaining necessary health care for their disabilities.

Federal Employees – Representation of employees of federal contractors and civilian employees who work for the federal government.

Independent Contractor Misclassification – Misclassification of Independent Contractors who should have been hired as employees.

Meal & Rest Break Violations – Violation of California’s meal and rest break requirements.

Pay & Overtime Disputes – Failure to comply with California’s Labor Code pay and overtime requirements, including minimum wage laws, an employer’s refusal to give their employees earned tips, and noncompliance with overtime laws.

Sexual Harassment – Any form of harassment based on gender or orientation, including but not limited to demands for sexual favors, threats for failure to comply with demands for sexual favors, and the dissemination of sexually explicit materials.

Wrongful Termination – Termination in violation of an employment contract, retaliatory termination, and termination based on membership in a protected class of individuals.

At the Jackson Law Firm, our San Diego Employment Lawyers also offer:

Analysis of your case: We can help you understand your options. 

Strategy counseling: When “The Writing is on the Wall,” we can help you stop future adverse actions and/or gather the evidence, while you are still working, that will be needed if the worst happens and your employment is terminated.

Severance pay negotiations: We can help you obtain the legally defensible severance agreement you deserve. While California law does not require employers to provide severance packages, many companies do offer terminated employees contracts that involve payment to the employee in exchange for other terms. 

At the Jackson Law Firm, our compassionate San Diego Employment Attorneys understand not only the law as it pertains to these issues, but also the psychological toll it can take on the individuals involved.  With labor laws that are among the most protective in the U.S., Californians enjoy more rights and privileges in the workplace than residents of most other states.

Despite this, the relationships many employees have with their employers are often rocky, fraught with conflict and disagreements ranging from wage and hour disputes to employment discrimination. The San Diego Employment Law Attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm have dedicated their careers to the representation of employees – but never employers – who suffer from unfair, discriminatory and illegal practices in the workplace.

Whether you’ve been individually singled out on account of your ethnic background, age, religion, etc. – or your employer’s violation of the labor laws affects not only you, but your coworkers as well – we bring our more than forty years of experience to help each and every one of our clients.

Employment Attorneys Dedicated to Protecting Workers Rights in San Diego

Since 1974, the San Diego Employment Lawyers at the Jackson Law Firm have been representing employees  in their fight to have a fair, safe and beneficial workplace. We believe that every employee is entitled to work and make a living in a fair, safe and harmonious environment.

If you have suffered or believe you have suffered from discrimination, retaliatory conduct, harassment, or other unfair and illegal practices, contact us today at 858-552-4900 or online by completing our Employment Law Case Evaluation Form.

We serve all of San Diego County from our offices in San Diego’s Sorrento Valley.  Initial phone consultations and case evaluations are free – give us a call and you can speak with an employment lawyer today.  We are also pleased to offer evening and weekend hours by appointment.


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