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If you have reason to believe that your employer wrongfully hired you as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee, or changed your job classification from non-exempt (hourly wage earner) to exempt (salaried) inappropriately, it is imperative that you contact a knowledgeable Employment Law Attorney.

Numerous legal issues may result when misclassification occurs. At the Jackson Law Firm, our seasoned lawyers will thoroughly review the circumstances of your case to determine if you have been the victim of misclassification.

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Misclassification Lawyer in San Diego

Misclassification typically takes one of two forms: an employer either tells an employee that the employee is an “independent contractor” or tells the employee that he is “salaried” or “exempt.” 

Whether you are an employee or an independent contractor and whether you are exempt or nonexempt is a matter of law and depends on what you do, how you are paid, and how much control you have over when and how you do your job. Your employer’s decision as to your status is not controlling. 

If you are a non-exempt (hourly) employee, you are entitled to the protections of the overtime, anti-discrimination and certain other laws, and your employer cannot exempt himself from following those laws by treating you as exempt or as an independent contractor - even if your employer has you sign a paper agreeing to your status characterization. People cannot agree to ignore the laws designed to protect employees. Job titles are also wholly irrelevant.

Exempt or Salaried

Employees misclassified as “salaried” or “exempt” are generally denied overtime pay and are often denied meal or rest breaks.

California’s rules concerning which employees are exempt differ from the federal rules. Many people who might be considered exempt under federal law are not exempt under state law. For this reason, many employers headquartered out of state and relying on federal law will designate a category of employees as exempt without reviewing the California rules which entitle employees working in California to the benefits of the overtime laws. 

Generally speaking, “exempt” employees are executives, administrative personnel, professionals (doctors, lawyers, and others in similar occupations), software developers, and outside sales people. The fact you are a “professional” house painter, etc. does not automatically confer exempt status. Exempt employees are salaried – meaning your pay check cannot depend on how many days or hours you work or on how many items you create or sell. 

However, the fact your employer pays you a flat “salary” does not mean you are truly an exempt employee; as well as being paid a flat salary, your duties have to qualify you as exempt. 

Independent Contractor

An employee misclassified as an “independent contractor” may be denied not only overtime and rest/meal breaks, but also denied entitlement to unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, social security, the protection of the medical leave and anti-discrimination laws and even the minimum wage laws.

This issue of whether someone is an employee or an independent contractor is complex, but largely depends on how much control the employer has over when, where and how services are performed. 

If you have questions about whether your employer has improperly treated you as either an independent contractor or an exempt employee, contact the experienced San Diego Employment Law Attorneys at the Jackson Law Firm as soon as possible. We will provide a comprehensive case analysis and take immediate action to preserve your rights.

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